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Sunrider International Nutrition

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Nutrition is the common thread to prevention. Your body needs to have whole foods, foods that are in their original form with the nutrients in tact in order for you to be healthy. Your body is not designed to have processed foods and chemicals for it to thrive.

Our diet has included many processed foods and chemicals and as a result, our state of health is not very good. There is a great deal of obesity and people with health issues at a younger and younger age. Much of that is due to nutrition or lack of it. When people eat whole foods they start to feel better, have more energy, and build a foundation of health.

Today it is necessary to supplement your diet because our soil has been depleted, chemicals are added to our food, and there are toxins in the air and in our water.  We are not getting all we need from SAD, our standard American diet. Let me suggest a way to add more nutrition into your diet.

Sunrider International, a whole food herb company, has created its own whole foods in a convenient form.   They are Nutrition-on-the-Go foods and some of the basic foods come in a whole food beverage, bar, and a whole food concentrate powder.   They are nutrient dense and concentrated at least 7 times. These foods help to bring your health to a higher level and to boost your immune system. They are based on the Philosophy of Regeneration, which states that when you nourish your body with the right combination of whole foods and cleanse your body it will get into balance.  Eating a healthy diet and supplementing it, as with Sunrider whole foods,  is a way to prevent disease and stay healthy and fit.

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